We’re always searching for great learning specialists to join our growing team. See our current vacancies at Inspire Group and get in touch. This really is a special place to work, unless you dislike adventure, invention and laughing. Get in touch if you do like that kind of thing and don’t hold back. 

  • L&D Client Relationship Manager – Sydney Office 

    You might have heard of us – we’re the learning company that popped out of nowhere in Australia three years ago, radiating passion and drive.  Since then we’ve been making quite a name for ourselves and now we’ve got more work than we can handle.


    With 15 years’ learning experience under our belts, numerous awards and a team that oozes culture and warmth, it’s fair to say what we’re doing works.  So now we’re on a growth journey that’s speeding up.  To help us fulfil our promises to our clients we’re on the lookout for a fellow learning and development evangelist who, like us, can’t stand bad learning.  To ensure nothing gets out the door that’s anything less than jaw dropping, we’re keen to talk with someone who’s first love is learning, and who’s also passionate about forming life-long partnerships with our clients.


    What we love about you…

    You’re bold.  You’ve uncovered new business in past roles and thrive on the thrill of discovering new learning opportunities where you can showcase what we do.  You have that rare ability to hunt down new clients and build deep and lasting relationships at the same time. You’ve made a dramatic impact on your current organisation, now it’s time to take your talent to the rest of Sydney.

    You’re entrenched in learning, you’ve always seen things differently from everyone else and you can’t rest until what you’ve done is better than last time.  That doesn’t mean bells and whistles; it means real, authentic learning that rocks the learner’s world and lifts them to a place where they can feel super; better than they thought possible. 

    What our clients say about us…

    We’re the little company with big ambitions and we’re going for it.  You’ll get to be on a journey where everything’s possible and nothing’s a stupid idea.  You’ll get to work with the best learning team in Australasia (in our completely objective opinion of course).  And you’ll get to work on projects that hardly anyone else gets the chance to work on, in a way that makes outsiders jealous.  Oh, and there’s definitely a career path.  Just quietly, we’re kinda hoping that if you’ve got leadership skills you can step up into a leadership role in the next year or two.


    So you’ve read this ad, and maybe this job’s not for you.  Here’s the thing, you know who would be perfect for this role. And they don’t have a clue that this awesome opportunity is waiting for them. Go on, tell them – send them our way and you’ll have the pleasure of changing someone’s life. They’ll thank you and so will we.

     We’re easy to contact, email me, Beth@inspiregroup.co.nz and I’ll be in touch.

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