Team Huddle

In a fast moving office where the left hand has left the building before the right hand as even got up from the desk. Taking 5 mins every Tuesday and Thursday gives us a chance to come together as an … Continued

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Keeping learning social

Where do you learn most? Sitting in a room on your own, or getting amongst it with others, collaborating and competing? Why can’t culture building in the workplace and social learning go hand in hand? Heard of something called Volunteer … Continued

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Direct and Inspire!

We have a pretty flexible culture around here at Inspire – we work remotely, from home, in the local café….wherever works best.  Testing that to the limits of technology and time zone, I’ve just returned from a week or so … Continued

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Gold LearnX Award

Proud co-parents of one of these babies! A great collaboration with ACC New Zealand. More details and some insights from the Lead Learning Designer coming soon!

Shakespeare was gay!

How’s that for an attention-grabbing heading? Now we all know that it’s not true but the point is the heading served its purpose which is: to get your attention (or else why would it be in a bigger font than … Continued

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