AA Insurance and Inspire Group win Silver!

Inspire Group and AA Insurance win Silver in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards!

AA Insurance and Inspire Group were awarded silver for the innovation shown in redesigning the traditional call centre induction into a virtual one, for home-based agents and contact centres staff.  


The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards recognises achievements in the performance improvement industry. This is a prestigious award which is judged at an international level and recognises excellence in a variety of HR related categories. Applications are received from learning designers, managers, and executive who want to share their winning programs and strategies for their organisation.

“Brandon Hall is one of the most coveted learning awards globally,” says Dan Tohill, CEO Inspire Group. “The quality and organisational impact of the learning we’ve created with AA Insurance’ s Learning and Development team, and the collaborative partnership we’ve achieved, has been recognised as meeting this standard.”

The strong innovation displayed included a blend of delivery methods and engagement through eLearning, performance support, video, gamification, VR and social learning technology.

Shane Ramsay, Learning and Development Manager, AA Insurance says the impact of the innovation has been twofold.

“The program has delivered so much to the business and in particular to our working at home agents who, through this programme, are fully aligned to our culture, values and operations. They can also connect socially through digital tools in their daily work experience.

“We all recognise just how important our learning team was in developing this solution, as was our partnership with Inspire Group,” he says. “The outcome has been the honour of receiving this award.”
Excellence Award winners

Excellence Award winners symbolise the power and impact that human capital management practices can have on a business or on any organisation, says Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program.

“Many organisations can have great HCM initiatives, but the standard of excellence only applies for organisations whose HCM practices truly benefit the business. That’s what the Excellence Awards program stands for, and that is what Brandon Hall Group stands for,” she says.

Thanks to AA Insurance NZ and the Brandon Hall Group!

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