Making your new year resolutions stick

Making New Year Resolutions Stick

A new year tradition: succeed or continue as you were?

With each new year comes new year resolutions we commit to ourselves in the hopes of making us fitter, more focused and all round better people than we were last year.

As early January passes, more often than not, our commitment to those resolutions wains. How can we stick to the new year resolutions we made? It’s easier than you think…


1. Have a clear goal.

Know exactly what you want to achieve no matter how big or small, and believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, change it or you won’t commit to it.


2. Have achievable steps.

Break down your goal into achievable steps that you can knock off a little at a time. It makes your goal less intimidating and daunting that way.


3. Celebrate your progress.

We don’t do this enough. Celebrate every step you take toward your goal, be it a giant leap or a ladybird step. Give yourself some kudos, it’s a step further than you were yesterday!


4. Be accountable.

Have someone who will hold you accountable- a friend or family member or a colleague. If you’ve got someone checking in on how you’re going, you’ll soar.


5. Journal.

Take the time to write down what you’ve accomplished and reflect on the learnings and insights you’ve had every day along the way. By doing this you’re able to see your progress more easily, reflect on what you’ve done and endeavour to do it differently next time. You may even want to use your journal to capture what you’re grateful for along the way.

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