A Giving Workplace + Giving Employee = Win

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It’s not every day you manage to hit 100 and knock off a milestone. I’ve not yet reached 100 years, or made 100 runs on the cricket field, I have however donated to the NZ Blood Service 100 times.

I made my first donation when I was 18, I may have seen it as a way to bunk off class and get a chocolate biscuit while I was at it, regardless of what made me go into the school hall that first time, I was hooked.

Over the last 15 years, I continued to donate regularly moving from whole blood, to platelets and now to plasma. I’ve even donated in Edinburgh and Amsterdam, it’s my thing and I enjoy it. Being able to help so many people by giving so little is just awesome.

If you’re not already a donor, please get amongst it, you never know when you may need it.

Check out your eligibility in New Zealand or Australia.

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