Keeping learning social

Where do you learn most? Sitting in a room on your own, or getting amongst it with others, collaborating and competing?

Why can’t culture building in the workplace and social learning go hand in hand?

Heard of something called Volunteer Fitness? Probably not… as it’s only fresh, but you will. Mereana, one of our amazing account managers, and her husband came up with the concept of getting fit while helping out in the community. A number of us here at Inspire have got on board and were part of the inaugural event.

What’s it about?

For a couple of hours once a month, we’re in there together, a group of strangers learning together; finding out what we need to do, motivating each other and competing against each other (whether we admit to it or not). Even though we’re there together, as individuals we are taking from it our own perspective and learning.

Much like in a workshop setting where you may not know the others in the room with you, what it is you’re there to learn and how you’ll apply that to your day-to-day. But, by the end of the workshop, you’ll have connected with those in the room, have key out-takes you’ll continue applying and turning into habit.

Much like at the next Volunteer Fitness event, those that were at the initial one will reconnect, talk about that experience and push themselves harder this time around.

When you take time out of your day to consciously learn something it can seem harder and more labour intensive than it needs to be. When you’re learning socially, you’re engaging with those with a similar purpose, applying your learning there and then and pushing yourself, ensuring you’re getting the most out of those around you.

What sounds better?

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